3d Pictures With Slightly Different Angles and Filters

3d pictures are becoming the craze now for any kind of photography. They have taken people to new heights and are definitely going to sweep the industry with their innovative techniques. 3d pictures are a whole new way of presenting photographs. This new way is very advanced and more interesting than the conventional way of taking pictures. 3d pictures do not only let you enjoy good photographs; they also help photographers in many ways.

If you wish to explore the different features of 3d pictures and see how it can improve your photography then read on. The most valuable feature of taking 3d pictures is to know the camera settings well and play around with different angles. Probably the most appreciated feature of making 3d pictures, depth map helps the subject to be drawn into the photograph and hence helps to enlarge it.

Depth maps are basically the photographic equivalent of using a depth finder to locate something in an image. In simple words it involves finding regions of a photograph which lie exactly on the surface of the object and which can best be portrayed using 3d photography. There are plenty of advantages of taking 3d pictures like for instance you will get best results if you understand how to control and manipulate the depth of field. You can give focus to an area or change the entire background of the image by shifting the camera’s view. These traditional techniques may not yield you better results in the case of high resolution images.

In order to learn these techniques, you can search the internet for some example pictures that can help you get an idea of what is the best way of handling such kind of shots. Another important thing to keep in mind while taking 3d pictures is to have proper lighting setup. For example, having a flat background will not give you better results than a shallow one. You should also try and avoid putting any objects in the foreground of your image. This kind of shots may not give the best results.

So the above mentioned points are the key points that must be kept in mind while taking 3d pictures. Now if you wish to take some professional looking photographs then there are some advanced techniques that you can adopt. You can take as many images as possible within a short interval of time and after finishing up with the first one you can open up your picture in Photoshop and use the Brush Strokes option to make some corrections on the image. You can also experiment with the depth of field and make some nice paintings using depth of field effects. After finishing up with the painting you can open up your picture in Photoshop again and make the necessary changes and try and create a unique image from there. Such techniques are quite interesting and you can take some great 3d images with ease.

If you want your 3d pictures to look like real paintings than try out the Flat Color mode in Photoshop. You can make as many shades as you wish but try and keep it simple. You can get a feel of how different colors tend to blur and make 3d pictures with slightly different angles. Experiment with depth of field, brush strokes, colors and feel free to come up with whatever you fancy. The sky is really the limit when it comes to photography.