The History of the Octagon Keychain Necklace

The Octagon Keychain is the classic logo for an iconic fashion brand, such as Chanel. It’s also been used by many celebrities in their advertising campaigns over the years, including Madonna, who wore it as a keychain in her famous “Like a Virgin” video. The color and design of the symbol has been changed over the years, but it still represents the basic concept of wearing jewelry that is a reflection of your personality and style.

The original shape and design for the Chanel logo is a circle with two straight sides and four diagonal sides. There are two vertical lines running down the middle of the circle, and they form the words “Chanel”. The four diagonal lines represent the four seasons in fashion, starting with spring through to autumn. The logo was first used by Louis Vuitton, which became the official clothing partner of Chanel in 1947.

For many years, the circular shape was only used on Chanel handbags, shoes and sunglasses. In more recent times, however, the logo has appeared on other items of clothing and accessories, including necklaces, cuff links, purses and even watches. The octagon, originally a simple design, is now used in so many different places, that the design is no longer limited to just women’s clothing and accessories.

There are a wide range of colors available for the octagon keychain. The classic black and white versions are quite popular, but you can also find variations in red, orange and yellow colors. The logo also comes in pink, green, blue and even neon colors.

The shape of the keychain has also evolved over time. The original was rectangular, with the words “Chanel” printed on either end. However, the current version has two opposite sides of the circle and each side of the keychain has one of the four seasons printed on it. These days, there are also octagons designed with a combination of both seasons with the same logo on both sides.

The designer octagon keychain necklace is a great way to give yourself a reminder of the original logo. The hearing itself looks great with any outfit. It can even be worn with your jeans. Because of the versatility of the design, it can be worn in any occasion or place where you need a quick, easy way to get a message across.

The octagon has always been a great gift idea for women. Whether you want to give it as a gift for a special occasion, or just because you like the design, it is a great way to show people how much you care. If you have the design engraved on a piece of jewelry, then it will be even more unique and meaningful. You can also create a stunning look for any home by using a large or small number of the circles.

The octagon keychain necklace can be worn with just about anything, so it is perfect for any season, occasion or dress. From a casual day out to a formal event, the octagon keychain necklace can be worn with a broad selection of clothes. The octagon design is very versatile, making it perfect for nearly every occasion.